Camel Arena – USP of Camel Cash Casino! All You Need to Know.

Camel Arena

In an ocean of numerous slot machine games, the Camel Arena of Camel Cash Casino is what makes it one of the craziest social casino games ever. Camel Arena – a realm where one can rejoice in building his own village. There are more than 40 levels available which require building. Each level has corresponding maps which are Jungle Treasure, Atlantis Blues, Aztec Fortune, Ocean Bounties, Haunted Smash, etc. The building of the village is done by installing five necessary items in each village, such as houses, dogs, a plant patch, statues, trees, sharks etc. 

These items vary from village to village. Basically, there are 5 objects in each village and each object has 4 stars. The gamer has to collect a total of 20 stars to reach the next level and unlock the next map or village. Apart from building, the gamer can also raid and attack others’ villages. The gems are an integral part of Camel Arena. While attacking and raiding, the gamer will win gems. These same gems are used to build the villages. Gems can also be won by spinning a wheel. Dubbed as exciting and crazy, Camel Cash Casino has really proven to be a game changer in the Casino industry. Following is the description of various key elements present in Camel Arena. 

  1. Build:- With this attractive feature, the user can build his own village and upgrade the same using the build icon. Users need to build 5 objects and collect 4 stars from each object, that is, a total of 20 stars to reach the next level or milestone.
  1. Attack:- The gamers can earn lots of gems by destroying enemies’ villages. For an attack, the gamer has to invest some coins. He can also change the location of the attack within 10 seconds, but for that, he has to invest some more coins. 
  1. Fix:- This element is slightly different. When any gamer gets attacked, their earned stars get reduced by 1. Secondly, the object which was attacked gets degraded by one level. The attacked object will be visible with burned ashes animation and a fix icon. On the bright side, the user can further fix that object by simply tapping on the fix icon over the object.
  1. Wheel:- Spinning the wheel gives users an opportunity to earn more gems, coins, shields and even raid enemies’ villages. There is a Jackpot feature in the wheel as well. Actually, the number of coins keeps on buffering. If the pointer in the wheel stops at Jackpot, the gamer will get the same amount of coins that are in the buffer. This wheel is an integral part of Camel Arena in Camel Cash Casino.
  1. Shield:- The Shields are like guards that will protect your village from being attacked by the enemies’ villages. The users can earn upto 3 shields on spinning the wheel. Shields also gets multiplied according to the bet multiplier present on the wheel.
  1. Raid:- Raid is an action in which a user can earn gems in bulk by stealing from his nearby villages. These gems can further be used to upgrade his own village. The gems earned in the raid will be multiplied by the bet multiplier present on the wheel at the time of spinning. While raiding, the gamer cannot change the village he is raiding. 

So, with all these exciting features, the user will have the absolute privilege to go on an adventurous journey. 

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