Fun Slot Machine Games in Camel Cash Casino

Camel Cash Casino Slot machines

Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino has indeed been a unique and never-seen-before social casino game. Its stellar graphics coupled with awe-inspiring music have contributed to its distinctiveness by a huge degree. To everyone’s amazement, Camel Cash Casino has introduced more than 40 slot machine games in its super-simplified interface. While some slot machines are in landscape mode, there are plenty others which enhance the gaming pleasure in portrait mode. Following are a few of the slot machine games in Camel Cash Casino with details. 

1- Kong of the Jungle:- Starting off with the tour of a jungle, Kong of the Jungle is a 4 reel slot machine game in landscape mode. There is a laughing chimpanzee who greets us with a welcoming and smiling face and forces us to start spinning and placing bets. The user can place a minimum bet of 5000 coins, whereas the maximum bet is 50 million coins. If you bet more, you will definitely win more. Other funny characters of the game are a monkey, a banana,  coconut, the symbols of playing cards, a parrot, a lizard, etc. One can bask in the lush green of the jungle while playing this slot machine game. 

2- Magic of Genie:- Based on the famous Disney character, Aladdin, this 5 reel slot machine game is a treat for cartoon lovers. The minimum bet that the gamer can place is 4000 coins, whereas the maximum bet is 40 million coins. These cartoon symbols are of Aladdin himself, Treasure, Magic Lamp, etc. This slot machine game can be played on 40 lines and it is supported with adventurous and thrilling music.. 

magic of genie

3- The Hord of Orcs:- Who could forget Azog, The Defiler from The Hobbit movie trilogy? Drawing similarities with that orc, The Hord of Orcs is a 5 reel slot machine game. In this game, the minimum bet is 3000 coins, while the maximum bet is 60 million coins. The enticing symbols are of orcs, an axe, a warrior helmet, a sledgehammer, a Mjolnir, etc. With this fun theme, the gamer will certainly have an unforgettable experience.

The Hord Of ORCS

Along with more than 40 slot machine games, there are other spectacular characteristics as well. Camel Arena and Cash Cards Album are the unique features of Camel Cash Casino that make this game amazing.