Plenty of Slot Machines in Camel Cash Casino

Camel Cash Casino Slot Machines

Camel Cash Casino by Camel Motion is a social casino game that has sparked a lot of interest. Both young and elderly players have well-received this social casino game, which offers more than 40 slot machine games, providing a wide range of options for downloaders. This is one of the primary characteristics that distinguishes Camel Cash Casino from other online casinos. The gamer will never get bored with so many different slot machines to pick from in Camel Cash Casino. Players can enjoy the slot machines in both landscape and portrait mode. The following are a few slot machines that are a lot of fun to play.

A few slot machines in Camel Cash Casino

1-  The Zombie Treasure:- Designed for the Army of the Dead, this 5 reel slot machine game comes with a Fit to Screen feature. The minimum bet that the gamer can place is 3000 coins whereas the maximum is 30 million coins. Players can play this slot machine game on 30 lines. The interesting characters of this game are a crow, a monster vehicle, zombies, etc. Lastly, thrilling music perfectly supports this slot machine game.

The Zombie Treasure

2- Jewel Bonanza:- This slot machine game has 5 reels and peppy upbeat funky music. The gamer can place a minimum bet of 5000 coins, whereas the maximum bet is 50 million coins. Players can play Jewel Bonanza on 50 pay lines. Its fascinating symbols are those of a ring, treasure, a diamond, a ruby, a sapphire, a deck of cards, etc. The game is really fun to play and the winnings can be gigantic. 

Jawel Bonanza

3- Volcano Rocks:- Complemented with War Music, Volcano Rocks lets the user bet a minimum of 5000 coins, whereas the maximum is 50 million coins. It has 5 reels and the symbols are a burning meteor, a keychain with burning hanging pieces, a deck of cards etc. The wild symbol is that of a volcanic eruption and the gameplay is really stunning and exhilarating.

Volcano Rocks

In addition to these slot machine games, Camel Cash Casino has also introduced features such as Camel Arena and Cash Cards Album, which constitute the game’s USP.

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