Socialize with the New Slots at Camel Cash Casino

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As the festive season arrives, new features make appearances in the world of Camel Cash Casino. And this is nothing but the most awaited zone, the friend’s zone named Social. This feature takes you to a new world of interaction and multiple gameplays. In short, it is a zone where gamers can make friends and play with them.

As widely recognized, Camel Cash serves as a social casino gaming platform where casino enthusiasts can place their bets using virtual coins. No real money is involved in this zone. Hence, Camel Cash has created a total risk-free atmosphere for the players.

Let’s understand “Social” in a more descriptive way:

As you enter “Social” from the lobby, a new table will appear on the screen consisting of several tiles. So, let’s learn more about these tiles:

  1. Friends

The first tile is “Friends”. Here, you can see all the friends you are connected with. Now, you can view the different names if they are online or offline. Furthermore, you can view their profile, as to on which level they are and the rest of the details.

Moreover, you can also send a gift in the form of coins through this zone to your friends. Now, when you send them coins, your friends will have the option of accepting them. Additionally, they can also send back gifts in the form of coins. Note, that you will not lose these coins from your main balance.

  1. Add

In the next tile players can add friends from the Camel Cash community. To illustrate, the app gives you two options, friends can either accept or decline your request. Furthermore, you will get several suggestions of friends to add to your group and can also type in the user ID of your friends to add them to your circle.

  1. Request

Now in this section, you will be able to see all the requests you have received from your friends. You can either accept or reject the same at your convenience.

  1. Connect and win rewards

The next and the most exciting feature of Social is that there are options for players to connect via Facebook, Email ID, or Phone Number. Furthermore, what’s exciting about this is that when you connect via any of these platforms, you get the rewards of virtual coins. Moving further you can use these for placing your bets.

  1. Gameplay

This is the one thing that everyone has been eagerly waiting for. As the name suggests, players can play slot games with their friends. In short, you will have the opportunity to create a room for players. You can invite them to your gameplay and can play together. To illustrate, the slot game will redirect gamers, allowing them to have an entertaining round together.

In addition, the players will have a window to which they can see their friends as to how many coins they won and how their game is going on. Besides, the friends that you invite will have the authority to accept or decline your request.

Additionally, you can also share gifts as a token of appreciation to your friends or a particular friend while having an exciting round of placing bets.

  1. Chat and Gifts

The best feature of Social is that players can chat with each other while playing slot machines. As a result, the interaction bars will go up as they will have an option to chat and play together.

Moreover, a section is equipped with a variety of gifts that you can share with your friends. Now, the catch is, that as you play and move up the ladder, the gifts will keep unlocking simultaneously. So, this in turn is a great way to share and play with your friends.

In addition to this, Camel Cash is also set to welcome three new slot machines as a Christmas gift to all casino enthusiasts:

  1. Santa’s Bells

This machine features the atmosphere of Christmas within itself. Users will be enjoying the festival via this machine. There are mini, minor, major and grand jackpots to provide you with amazing winnings as per your luck. Additionally, when the scatter triggers you will receive Jingle Bells Respin and Nudges Wild Respin, and you can then test your luck with these. Evidently, the game religiously follows the factual saying “The higher the bet, the higher will be the jackpot”.

  1. Wrath of Mammoth

The next arrival is Wrath of Mammoth. Here you will experience the wrath altogether. The game features a Freespin and a Bonus Game. Additionally, collecting all the Star Icons triggers the Bonus Game, giving you another chance to win mega coins.

  1. The Patrick Leprechaun

The last but not the least is The Patrik Leprechaun. This machine fashions the mischiefs of a leprechaun. Gamers will be placing their bets and can trigger a Scatter or a Bonus round also known as Lucky Coins. Additionally, you will also be winning a multiplier. Here, if the multiplier triggers, it will multiply the bets by the number you win.


All in all, Camel Cash Casino aims to create a friendly environment for players through Social. Because there are several options for players to interact with each other while playing their favorite game. Hence, to enjoy this amazing new experience, download Camel Cash Casino today. A House Full of Entertainment!

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