The Best Mini-Games of Camel Cash Casino

Camel Cash Casino

Since its launch, Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino has become the talk of the casino world. Camel Cash Casino gives its users a wide range of slot machine games, with over 40 to choose from. Additionally, Camel Arena and Cash Cards Album set Camel Cash Casino apart, making it uniquely appealing in the social casino realm. Camel Cash casino also includes a number of mini-games in addition to these distinguishing qualities. These captivating mini-games let users win extra coins, enabling them to bet more on the available slot machines. The little games are the cherry on top of the cake. The mini-games are:-

  1. Beer Mania Fortune:- Beer Mania Fortune is a Beer Bonus Game in which you must choose from a variety of barrels on a shelf. You only need a single touch to break those barrels. Additionally, players must fill a glass tumbler in the center of the screen to the brim to win a large number of coins. You might get pints of beer behind the barrels if the stars align in your favor. The pints will determine whether the glass tumbler is filled or not. It’s also worth noting that some barrels contain pints of beer, while others only contain pennies. On the other hand, one should avoid the chicken leg portions. Unfortunately, if you collect three chicken pieces, your game will be over. Beer Mania Fortune has uptempo peppy music, further enhancing the user’s experience. 
  1. Lucky Disco Balls Mania:- The main feature of Lucky Disco Balls Mania is the rotation of disco balls on both sides of the screen. The soundtrack in Lucky Disco Balls Mania features disco influences, as the game’s name suggests. To try your luck, press the start button. Dividing into two categories, disco balls show prize coin amounts on the left side and winning multipliers on the right side. Draw the winning multiplier and the reward ball. Multiplying the coins on the prize ball by the multiplier will determine the total number of winning coins. Then you can claim your prize and potentially win a lot of money. For example, if the prize ball contains 500k coins and the multiplier ball has a value of 5, the total amount of coins would be 2500000.
  1. Fun House Pinball:- Fun House Pinball resembles traditional pinball but rewards players with coins instead of traditional game points or prizes. The user has three opportunities to play Pinball. Press the start button, use flippers to launch the ball, and score points. Outer ring gives coins, inner ring multiplies them. The current probability will be null if the ball lands in the danger zone during any flip. Finally, the reversal feature will change the spinning wheel’s rotation, while the speed-up option will raise the wheel’s speed.

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