Traditional Casinos V/S Online Casinos- Know the difference?

Traditional Vs Online Casino

Whenever someone tries his luck in the realm of Casinos he is always confronted with the obvious novice question – which Casino game to choose from? Before entering this unreal realm, one needs to get a slight hold of the basics of Casino Gaming. The ensuing juxtaposition between the Traditional and Online Casino Games will enlighten the newbies and oldies alike. 

Virtual Casinos:-



Also known as brick-and-mortar casinos, or traditional casinos, these Casino games involve an exchange of real money. The gamer can place his bets as per the limit of his pocket and can go on winning huge sums of money. What is winning? Clearly, the act of not losing. Holding on to this concept of binaries, the player can also lose his money. So, one has to choose wisely. 


The player has to grace the Casino Center of his city with his physical presence and indulge himself in wagering his money. It is fundamentally the Act of Gambling. The player can enjoy the environment of Casinos by participating in various Casino games like Slots, Blackjack, Keno, Craps, Roulette, etc. The croupier or the dealer assists them in the swift placement of the bets. The game becomes much more interactive and interesting when regular communication between the players. The constant jibber-jabber and bickering only add fuel to the fire of Casinos, in a good way, of course, thereby making the game more alluring. 


Going back to the concept of binaries, the brick and mortar Casinos have downsides as well. The habit of gambling may also lead to huge financial losses, eventually giving birth to depression and anxiety. The fire of winning money never extinguishes, hence increasing the hunger of the players. Putting money at stake can make a man greedy and insecure. So, make your choices in a wise manner. Play the game in a healthy spirit. 

Online and Social Casinos:-



In complete opposition to the traditional casinos, Online Casinos or Social Casinos are Casino games that can be accessed on various electronic gadgets of the people. These Casino games can be downloaded on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and the whole Casino experience is readily available in the palm of the gamer’s hand. Before going any further, let us understand the hairline difference between Online Casino Games and Social Casino Games. It’s bull simple. Online Casino Games involve money, whereas Social Casino Games are absolutely free. The Online Casino Games sometimes include a dealer as well who helps in the smooth and swift placement of the bets. 


The Social Casino Games are on the rise these days, thanks to Covid. Most people, young and old alike, have downloaded various Slot Machine Games like Slotomania, 7 Hearts Casino, Camel Cash Casino, etc. A lot of rewards are given while accessing these games. The rewards are in the terms of coins, free spins, gems, bonuses, etc – all part and parcel of the game. The graphics of these slot machine games are stunning and the games themselves are extremely exhilarating. For instance, Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino is a recently launched game available on the App Store. The game has already witnessed a lot of downloads, hence becoming a sensation among Slot Machine Game lovers. The major attraction of the game is the range of pleasant music the game offers. The music really makes the gamer profusely engaged in the game, thereby giving him the best Casino experience. Camel Cash Casino also consists of a Camel Arena, where the users can create their own village. They can then go on raiding, building, and attacking other villages. The reason these games are called social is due to the fact that the players can connect with their friends via Facebook, participating in a healthy competition with each other. The players can also chat with each other, making the game much more interactive and interesting. 


The game’s repetitive nature can make it a tad bit monotonous and frustrating.

Which one to choose from?

It depends on the user’s needs and preferences. That being said, Social Casino Games, especially Slot Machine Games, clearly have the edge over the others. These games save the hassles of traveling long distances. Most importantly, these save huge loads of money. Last but not the least, there is a lot of variety in the Social Casino Games, in terms of animations, slot machines, graphics, and music.

So, these are the two roads in front of you, basically three. You should definitely take the one less traveled by, which will eventually make all the difference. Hope the spirit of Robert Frost won’t haunt me on this intrepid gesture.