Celebrate Christmas with Camel Cash Casino


Dashing through the Snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O’er the Casinos we go

Playing Slots all the way. 

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate other than diving deep into the world of casinos? Camel Cash Casino, one of the best social casino games, entirely clad in the holiday spirit, is providing exciting offers to its users worldwide. By availing of these offers, you may enjoy loads of benefits and privileges. Apart from that, all the slot machines have Christmas themes associated with them to enhance the game’s appearance, thereby letting you enjoy more. 

Various hefty gifts that Camel Cash casino is showering on its users are as below. 

  1. Christmas Bonuses

Now, who doesn’t love extra cheese on his/her tongue savoring edibles? So, to keep the festive spirit alive, Camel Cash is providing you extra coins by paying a very nominal sum of money. By doing this, your multiplier value will also increase. 

For instance, you may get a multiplier of 10 or even 15, by paying less from your pocket. You will receive so many coins that you don’t have to worry about betting while playing slots or any other casino game. 

  1. Christmas Themed Puzzles and Quests

In the Events section, you will get the Christmas Puzzle to solve. You have to collect the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum pieces to complete the Christmas Puzzle. Along with that, there are Christmas-themed Quests as well. Moreover, play Slots on a regular basis to collect as many pieces as you can. 


And what do you get after solving these puzzles? A huge bucket load of coins is all you will get. Pieces with parts of Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are among the many things that you will encounter while spinning slots. 

  1. Complete the Christmas Milestones of Cash Cards Album

In Cash Cards Album, you must accomplish all 18 milestones to receive a Bumper Prize. While we will celebrate Christmas very soon, the Cash Cards also provide you with plenty of Christmas cards. Collect these cards to complete the albums. 

All types of cards, such as Platinum, Gold, Regular, and Machine Card, will feature the famous symbols associated with the festival of Christmas. Play them in a very Christmassy way. 

  1. Play the Mini Games in the Style of Christmas 

We cannot skip talking about Mini Games while discussing Christmas. For more coins, you can always come to the sweet abode of Mini Games. These are Fun House Pinball, Disco Mania, and Lotto Blast. 

You can witness Christmas caps over the various components of the terrific trio of these cute little games. Play them when you are tired of playing slot machines. Play them to break up the monotony. Last but not the least, it would serve as a breath of fresh air in the realm of slot machine games. 

  1. Slot Machines in the Christmas version

As you are already aware that Camel Cash employs more than 45 slot machines for your adventure, now they all have the theme of Christmas attached to them. On top of that, the symbols in the reels of slot machines will all have a touch of Christmas spirit engraved in them. 

Along with this, there is a slight change in the music of the game as well. Now, you can hear the Jingle Bell Casino version while spinning various slots. Keep Spinning. Keep Winning. 


Overall, Camel Cash Casino has always made its users spellbound with its astonishing features. Now, with the theme of Christmas, the aesthetics have grown manifold. You don’t want to be on Santa’s Naughty List. So, start playing Camel Cash right away by downloading it free from The App Store. Merry Christmas. 

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