Camel Cash Casino is now Available on Android

Camel cash casino

Already a superhit among all Apple users, Camel Cash Casino is now available on Android as well. You can download one of the best social casino games from The Play Store. In other words, the Android Build of Camel Cash is live. Of course, there is a considerable enhancement in the game’s graphical interface. Not to mention the extra features the Android Build further entails. 

Let’s get to each and every new addition one by one. 

  1. In the Android Version, You can Alter the Economy

Casino Games are all about placing bets. With virtual in-built gold coins, you can place bets as per the size of your bucket. Also, you don’t need real money to place bets. There is also a limit on the minimum and maximum bets you can wager. However, in the new Camel Cash version, you can change the values of your bets after reaching a certain number of levels. 

Shining more light on this attractive feature, consider that the minimum and maximum value of bets are 100K and 225M coins respectively. This value is not going to be static. It will increase as you proceed further into the game. 

  1.  Slot Machines with more Captivating Characters and Animations

 Slot Machine Games are near 50 in Camel Cash Casino. These have quite interesting characters, accompanied by a perfect funky background music score. There are new additions in the Slot Machine section at a constant rate. The new machines are Jewel Riches, Piggy Vault, Super 777, and 10 Times Pay. 

Other entertaining slots are Lucky Bonus Wheel, Medusa Riches, 7-X-Treme Shot, Jewel Bonanza, The Zombie Treasure, Monster Frankenstein, Wrath of Ares, Zeus The Almighty, Vampire Fortune, Volcano Rocks, and many more. 

  1. Cash Cards Album with Brand New Cards and Rewards

Those who have already played Camel Cash on the iPhone know all about the charm of the Cash Cards Album. Actually, there is a set of 18 albums consisting of 10 cards each which the player should complete in order to win a whopping sum of 5 billion coins. In the Android build, some new cards are there which only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the game. In Camel Cash lingo, these albums are referred to as Milestones. These cards have four unique specifications, namely, Wild Card, Machine Card, Regular Card, and Gold Card.  

In addition to these albums, there are compact games, viz., Lotto Blast and Spin Machine. You can play them to win more coins. A never seen feature, Cash Cards Album is the USP of Camel Cash in the real sense. 

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  1. The Piggy Bank Feature

 This is a brand-new addition to this amazing online casino game. A small proportion of each of your bets is going to be stored in the Piggy Bank. After completing a few levels, you will become eligible to break this Piggy Bank. To do this, you just need to do an in-app purchase of a nominal sum. This comes in handy when you feel that you are running out of coins. 

Since, social casino games are all about these coins, keeping a significant sum in the store always gives an edge. With this thought in mind, Piggy Bank is introduced in the Android variation. So, avail all of the coins whenever you feel you are short of them. 

  1. Various other Casino Games

See, Camel Cash is not only restricted to the slots, but it also comprises several other famous Casino games. These are Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker, etc. So, whenever you have played a lot of slots, you can turn to these games. This section of games is also very prevalent in Las Vegas and other traditional Casino places. 

Following a similar principle of bets, you need to use your coins to place bets in these games. So, bring the whole of Las Vegas in your hands by turning to Blackjack or Baccarat or Craps. 


To summarize, Camel Cash Casino is creating storms in the Casino industry, thanks to its awe-inspiring and alluring attributes. Enjoy all these features by turning every stone of this mesmerizing Social Casino Game. So, what are you waiting for? Download Camel Cash Casino for free from The Play Store now and rejoice in the riveting realm of Casinos.  

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