The New Slot Machines Add More Adventure to Camel Cash Casino

New Slot Machines

Well, there you go again. In this techno-savvy era where there are new innovations every day, the think tanks behind any app tend to update it at a constant rate. Bringing forth the app in contention, Camel Cash Casino – one of the best social casino mobile games, has recently been updated by its developers. In other words, its greatness has increased by miles now due to the addition of brand new slot machines.

Here are New Three Slot Machines Listed Below-

Coming directly to the major additions, there is an introduction of new slot machines in the latest version. These are Spooky Ghost, Farm Jackpot, and Robinhood of the Jungle. Moreover, this exciting trio of slot machines offers interesting features. 

Get to know about these slot machines in detail in the following paragraphs. 

  1. Spooky Ghost

If you wish to play slots in a ghostly atmosphere, then Spooky Ghost is for you. It is a 5-reel slot machine with 50 pay lines. With a minimum bet of 50K coins and a maximum bet of 200M coins initially, this landscape-mode slot machine lets you win huge rewards. Furthermore, the intensity of the machine is only aggravated by the presence of some scary symbols. These are a couple of smiling wraiths, a boy and a girl with high spirits, card symbols such as A, Q, and K, and various other symbols. 

All of this setup is perfectly complemented with some scary music. Furthermore, features like Free Games, Pick Bonus, and Reel Respin are also there in Spooky Ghost. By exploring all these features, you would be able to win a lot of coins.  

  1. Farm Jackpot

The second machine that makes it to the list is Farm Jackpot. This game also includes 5 reels and 25 pay lines. However, the minimum bet you can place is 25K coins and the maximum bet is 100M. This goes without saying that these bets tend to vary. As you advance through the levels of the games, you may alter these bets. To give you the feel of farmland, several farm symbols are there in this slot game. 

These are a fruit basket, broccoli, Golden Eggs, a Carrot, a Brinjal, and Card symbols like A, Q, and K. With the peaceful nature music, you may rejoice in the setting of a farm. Apart from that, you may win major rewards through Free Spins, Hen Symbol, and Golden Egg Respin. So, enjoy spinning the slot machine with a whole new feel and vibe. 

  1. Robinhood of the Jungle

Finally, the last machine that is gracing the 40+ slots of Camel Cash Casino is Robinhood of the Jungle. This slot machine has 5 reels and is in Portrait orientation. You may play it with only one hand. It has amazing symbols such as an elephant, a bag of coins, a Wanted Poster, a carriage, a cat in a Robin Hood get-up, Card Symbols like a Spade, Club, Diamond, and Heart, and various other symbols. 

You may win coins from features like Lock & Spin, and the Free Game feature. Along with that, there are Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots with subsequent rewards. Lastly, there is Robinhood’s Quest, for which you need to reach the final castle icon, and then you will win a huge number of coins.  


In a nutshell, the thrill of Camel Cash Casino only increases with the introduction of these new slot machines. Along with this trio of slot games, there is a brand new Casino game, viz Backgammon, that you may play. Its gameplay is really interactive and you can compete with other people in the rounds of Backgammon. So, without waiting any more, download Camel Cash Casino or update to the latest version if you are already having it, and recreate your own Casino at home. 

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