Win Plenty Of Coins With Valentine’s Puzzle!

Valentine's Puzzle

Valentine’s week is here! And so is Camel Cash Casino with its amazing new valentine’s puzzle quest. You heard that right, friends! Camel Cash never fails to amaze you with new quests and features. And this new Valentine Puzzle will prove the same. Your aim is to find the puzzle pieces and arrange them. At the completion of this puzzle, you will receive a sweet bonus of 7,000,000 virtual coins.

Camel Cash Is the Best Social Casino Game?

A traditional casino will always be entertaining. But there are only a few additions of new features to the games. On the other hand, a social casino game always brings new quests to keep gamers entertained. Hence, with the commencement of this valentine’s week, Camel Cash presented a gift for the players as Valentine’s Puzzle.

Besides, the puzzle quest is not as easy as it sounds. You have to play the game continuously to find the puzzle pieces. And let me warn you, finding puzzle pieces won’t be a piece of cake. Although the quest does sound difficult, the search for the pieces would be very much entertaining.

With this new quest in line, Camel Cash has many more addictive features. And you will never get bored of this game. The more you play, the more coins and rewards you will win. Let’s know more about these other perks.

  1. Plenty of rewards and bonuses

Initially, you receive a welcome bonus of 1,000,000 virtual bonus. You can start placing your bets using these coins. And as you move forward in the game, you will win several rewards and bonuses.

You will receive Hourly Bonus, Daily Bonus, and Weekly Bonus. Daily bonus has more divisions viz. Return Bonus, VIP Bonus, and Daily Spin. Thus, you will never run out of virtual cash in Camel Cash.

  1. Over 45 slot machines

The game has over 45 slot machines for you. The slots are very addictive and adventurous. Furthermore, these slots were designed by keeping several fictional, mythical, and cartoon characters in mind.

In the illustration, you can play with The Jewel Rich, Treasure of Pharaoh, Buffalo Mania, Da Vinci’s Book, The Jungle Queen, Monster Frankenstein, Kong of the Jungle, Kitty the Invader, Midas Touch, Vampire Fortune, Axe of Viking, Vegas Lucky Dollar and many more.

  1. Play other casino games

There are more casino games other than slot machines. You can place your bets in these games as well. Video Poker, Crap, Baccarat, Roulette, and many more casino games are here in this Camel Cash universe.

  1. Win more coins with mini-games

If you get bored of continuous slots and casino games, you can switch to mini-games. You can come across a time when slots and casino games become boring. For such a situation, Camel Cash has mini-games for you.

The trio of Lucky Disco Balls Mania, Beer Mania Fortune, and FunHouse Pinball can also be played to accumulate more coins. Whenever you need more coins, you can play mini-games and increase your coin collection.

  1. Simple gaming interface

There are many games available in the market. And most of them have very challenging UI. In simple words, these games are difficult to understand. You can play these games but it takes time to understand the rules of such games.

To keep you free from this labor, the developers of Camel Cash made a very simple game. All you have to do is download the game. And then voila! Start placing your bets using the welcome bonus coins.


To sum up, this Valentine’s week you can win a huge amount of virtual coins. The task is simple, find the puzzle pieces and arrange them. As soon as you finish the puzzle, you will win 7,000,000 virtual coins. What can be more adventurous than this?

Thus, this is the ultimate quest to find the pieces. This will be a lot more fun for those who are not with their special ones this week because Camel Cash has become your valentine this week. So, guys, the Valentine Puzzle is Live! Play the quest and fill your virtual bank with more gold.

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