Perks and Privileges provided in Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino

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Stunning visuals, enticing graphics, and mesmerizing music are what Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino is all about. The gaming community has discussed this Slot Machine Game extensively, with many gamers admitting that they have been completely captivated by this virtual Las Vegas experience. They are able to mentally transport themselves from their comfy abodes to the intrepid streets of Las Vegas. Such is the flair of Camel Cash Casino. In addition to this, the hefty rewards and bonuses further keep the gamer engaged in this Social Casino Game. 

Did I just mention Social? Yes, you heard it right. In Camel Cash Casino, you can connect with your friends through Facebook and compete with them in various Top Slot Machine Games. You can also rejoice in basking in the status of a King by asserting your dominance in Camel Cash Village. You can build, raid, and attack other villages in Camel Cash Village, depending on the number of diamonds you have. 

As the bonuses and rewards are already a lot, it is a strenuous exercise to keep count of them. Here are the various bonuses and rewards the gamer enjoys the privilege of in Camel Cash Casino.

First of all, there is a Daily Bonus. It has further three components:-

  1. Return Bonus: The game awards a return bonus, which is a loyalty bonus given to gamers who return to the game daily, specifically every 24 hours. The Gamer is eligible for this daily bonus after 24 hours of downloading this app. In Camel Cash Casino, the gamer gets 50000 coins on the first day as a return bonus. This will keep on increasing by 50000+ after every 24 hours when the gamer returns back to the game.

It is also worth mentioning that the gamers will receive this Return bonus for up to 25 days. The return bonus value freezes after 25 days

NOTE: – The gamer is eligible for the daily bonus only after 24 hours of his download.

If the gamer skips a day, then the return bonus will restart from day 1.

2. Daily Spin: In this privilege, we are provided with an auto-rotating wheel and we get a bonus according to the amount where the wheel pointer stops.

To illustrate, in the above figure, the wheel pointers stop at 200,000.

So, the gamer gets 200,000 coins from his daily spin. 

  3. VIP Bonus:- The gamer is entitled to receive the VIP bonus based on their VIP points.

  Here, the gamer has 2000 VIP Points. Hence, the gamer is in Silver Level where he will get 10% of the amount where the wheel pointer stops.

To exemplify, if the Wheel pointer stops at 200,000. So the 10% of 200,000 is 20,000.

Hence, the gamer gets 20,000 from the VIP bonus.

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Following is the summation of the total rewards the gamer will receive from his bonuses. 




         4. Weekly Bonus:-

Aside from the Daily Bonus, there is a Weekly Bonus as well. New users receive bonuses every day for the first week, but if they skip a day, they will not receive the bonus for that day.This is only applicable for the first week. 

In an amalgamation of the above, these are the various perks and privileges provided to Slot Machine game lovers. Because of these, the eyes of gamers remain transfixed on their electronic devices. 

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